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About Us



Nisswa Women's Club is dedicated to supporting each other and the

community through fellowship, education, leadership, and service.



The vision of Nisswa Women's Club is to

  • be a welcoming and inclusive leader in the community

  • support out members through fellowship, mentoring, and education

  • support young people, non-traditional students, and other underserved populations in our community

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Established in 1920 as "The Nisswa Sewing Club" and also known as "The Nisswa Busy Bees," the organization began with fourteen members.  Sewing quilts and layettes and selling them to raise funds for the needy were the original activities for the club. 


General meetings of the Nisswa Women's Club membership are held the third Thursday of each month at 12:00 noon at an area restaurant.  The Board of Directors convenes on the Monday preceding each general meeting.



Forget each kindness that I do

                   As soon as I have done it.


Forget the praise that falls to me

                   The moment I have won it.


Forget the slander that I hear

                    Before I can repeat it.


Forget each slight, each spite, each sneer,

                    Wherever I may meet it.


Click Here to read our club’s strategic plan for 2024 through 2028

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