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Centennial Memories

NWC "100 Years and Counting" film link!
by Sharon & Gary Ha

Below you will find a link to the site to view the Centennial film One Hundred and Counting.  Be sure to view the film on a computer or smart tv.  My recommendation is to watch it on a large screen with a decent sound system to be able to enjoy all the nuances of the production and its details.  Once the site is reached it will be obvious to select the right arrow arrow play symbol on the lower left side and then press the small symbol on the lower right side that has 4 diagonal arrows to make it full screen. Then enjoy!



NWC 100 Years Centennial Booklet Video Links!


Following are five videos featuring the five chapters of the 100 Year Centennial Booklet, created by the Nisswa Women’s Club Centennial Committee, celebrating our centennial year in 2020.  Many thanks to the committee for all their work.  A huge thank you to Mary Gibson for her artistic expertise creating these videos to share with you until we can meet in person again.

To experience each video more fully, click on the “Full Screen” box in the lower right corner of the video player and turn the audio on.  You can pause the video anytime you want to read the text.  Just click on the pause button, linger as long as you’d like, then click on the arrow to resume.”

NWC Centennial Book #1

NWC Centennial Book #3

NWC Centennial Book #2

NWC Centennial Book #4

NWC Centennial Book #5

Century Challenge

Century Challenge Jar.gif

We asked and you answered.  Through your generosity we reached our goal of $10,000 and more.


You filled our jar of pebbles and helped make deserving students’ dreams come true!


Thank you for making the Century Challenge a success!


Karen DeVries, 2020 President-Elect and​ 2021 President

“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is
dropped into water,

the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.”

—the Dalai Lama

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